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Some of our instruments have to be ordered and there can sometimes be a long waiting list. Therefore here we have listed some very special and unique items that you can buy immediately.
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M. Wenner Piccolo, Grenadilla, a=430 Hz

This instrument has four keys for B-flat, G-sharp, F and D-sharp with an additional long F-lever. It also features a screw-cork. This piccolo is supplied in a delightful red and gold coloured case made from soft cotton by hand in Germany together with a practical cleaning rod.

exc. VAT

1945,38 €

inc. VAT
2315,00 €


Alto recorder, F, after P.Bressan, a=415 Hz

This alto recorder in F is based on an original instrument by Pierre Jaillard Bressan (1663 – 1731) with historical fingering (Hotteterre). The G and A finger holes were bored just like the original. It is made from exquisite and coveted flamed European boxwood with decorative rings made of imitation ivory. It also has a thumbhole bushing.

The instrument is supplied in an elegant cotton case made by hand in Germany.

exc. VAT

1731,10 €

inc. VAT
2060,00 €