J. Chr. Denner, Voiceflute, D

Maracaibo boxwood, Plum wood

2210,– €
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1857,14 €
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European boxwood

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2126,05 €
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The Denner family was one of Europe’s most important and well-known woodwind instrument makers of the 18th century. Originals of their famous recorders are widely copied by many instrument makers. This tenor recorder was made by Johann Christoph Denner at the beginning of the 18th century, probably as a Tenor in C at “Chorton”. Museums and private collections house several different originals. They were all constructed in a similar way and some in fact still play marvellously. The instrument’s wide bore produces a broad and earthy sound, making this a recorder ideal as a “Flute de Voix” or Voiceflute for playing French Baroque music.

Our Voiceflute is available in European boxwood as well as the lighter Maracaibo boxwood, which is particularly suitable.
The pitch is a = 415 Hz.


Sound Sample

Voice Flute 415 Hz: Philidor – Prelude from Suite G-Dur