Mission Statement/Workshop Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We see our customers as part of Wenner Flöten and we are actively and happily at their service. Our customers’ enthusiasm is our main objective.

We produce, sell and trade in flutes and instrument accessories. Our task is ethical because music is a cornerstone of our culture and active music-making promotes peaceful, human togetherness.

We offer our customers fair prices and our entire expertise. We don’t follow what our fiece competition in the music trade does. If our prices are slightly higher, our service and know-how compensate for this.

Time is an invaluable commodity for both us and our customers. That’s why we devote our time, instead of wasting it. We give and take time deliberately. A flexible view on time is important to us.
We and our customers think and act with a “We- feeling.”

However highly qualified we may be, there is no reason for us to do anything that is not innovative, ecological or top quality.

Continuous learning is extremely important to us. Therefore we set up learning processes (sometimes together with our customers) and accept that any errors are part of our development. We don’t hide our mistakes; we prefer to find appropriate solutions for them.

Every action is communication.We want to communicate in a polite and friendly way with a good dose of humour.