St. Koch

Grenadilla excluding case

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The Viennese family Koch probably ranks among the most outstanding wind instrument makers of the first half of the19th century. Many excellent examples of oboes, clarinets and flutes have been preserved, probably the most famous of which are their flutes. They were recommended by numerous flautists such as Fürstenau and his contemporaries. Our flute is a replica of an 1835 model and it is typical for flutes of that period: besides the usual keys for B, G sharp, C, F, long F, D sharp, C and C sharp, low B, as well as a B-flat lever key for the right index finger. The head joint is fitted with a tuning slide which enables the flute’s pitch to be changed. Its striking shell-shaped silver keys were a speciality of Viennese flute making.

We make our “Koch Flute” in grendilla or ebony with silver keys and rings. The pitch is a= 442 Hz (optimal pitch), and can by changed from a=445 Hz to a=430 Hz by using the tuning slide. On request, we can supply this flute in a hand-made wooden case.


Sound Sample

Koch 440 Hz - Schubert: Andante con moto aus Sinfonie V, Orchestral part